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This project is specifically designed to support the creation of regular time tables as used in colleges and universities. The project has been designed to support the Royal University of Bhutan but it should be sufficiently flexible to use at other small universities or colleges.

The program has a number of limitations which may be relaxed in future versions.


The program is written in C++ and has been compiled with g++ version 4.0.2. It makes extensive use of the Qt libraries version 4.1. It requires a database back end and has been built and tested using postgresql version 8.0.7. In summary you will need:

Other versions of the above software may work but these are the versions for which the software has been tested. However, due to major feature changes in Qt, the code will not work with versions prior to 4.

Current Status

The project is at pre-alpha stage. This means that code exists on the CVS and can be downloaded by anyone who wishes to have a preview of the project. However the code, and the structure of the code, may change, I should say is likely to change between now and an alpha release.

All effort is put in to ensure that the code is of a high enough quality that it will compile and run without error, however it is unlikely to be usable in the sense of the aims of the project at this moment in time. You are encouraged to download and run this program, should you find any errors please report them.

Proposed Time line

This is provided to give everyone a rough idea of when the project will have its first alpha-release. Obviously, given the whims of software development, this schedule will be subject to extensive revision. However it is hoped that the rough time line can be followed. More detail will be added as specific tasks are identified.

The big fly in the ointment is work and how much time will be deflected from this project to other concerns.

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